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Selling to We Buy Houses Now

Working with We Buy Houses Now is quite different than selling through a real estate agent, but very simple and with without the complication of going through an agent . We can purchase directly from you, so you don't have the  fees or commissions that real state agents expect for taking the order, which may mean more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

We are not real estate agents, we are private buyers so  you are dealing directly the buyer and the  process is very easy and transparent for both of us.

Selling Homes has become the domain of Real Estate and Lawyers rightly or wrongly and most people have expressed outwardly or inwardly thoughts that there must be another way they often ask the question why am I paying so much to the real estate agent and the lawyer.

Well let me assure you there are other ways of selling your home but the large real estate agencies who have deep pockets have been able to manipulate the market and the law makers and government agencies and over the years and wrest control of aspects of it for the own gain and outstanding profits.

As has the legal profession been able to get more and more control over elements of the process and remove more and more of our freedoms about selling our own homes not necessarily through law but by perception and stealth and clever marketing and manipulation that has dumbed us down as a society and made us believe that there is only one way to do something. I personally believe the Truth is somewhere in the middle.

Imagine knowing exactly when you are going to move, what amount of money you will get for your house and that it can all be done very quickly easily

We cut out the middle man and the time and fees involved whilst still giving you complete control of the transaction throughout.

Whether the real estate agent is involved or not, the paperwork is still the same!

Example: let’s say some people have bought a house, at the time they bought it everything was fine, then there is a left field  event and there circumstances change, their finances/ income was reduced and over time they struggled to meet there commitments.

The bank took notice of the few missed payments and started to apply pressure to the family to catch up, as time moved on other financial commitments became more urgent and before they could find a meaning solution to their problem the bank starts to push them into a mortgagee situation, they call up the local real estate agent who comes out to see them, and walks up the driveway rubbing his hands together and can smell the money as if it was freshly brewed coffee.

The house gets listed;  and there is no offers, the agents kindly suggests a drop in price which is reluctantly accepted, finally an offer come through but it is so ridiculous that it means that they will come out with less than what is owing on the mortgage and that  is the only offer they could  get. Finally with all the other debts mounting the banks takes control of the home and takes it to a mortgagee sale and it is sold to an investor for nothing but small change.
This is not uncommom story and has many variations, everybody has a different set of circumstances and more homes are going to mortgagee sale than at any other time in history.
Because the way the system is structured with the industry, banks lawyers and real estate agents,

People are losing the shirts off their backs, their homes and their and their small amount of wealth they have accumulated.

This is what is called a redistribution of wealth from the home owner to the banks and the buyers at mortgagee/fire sales, the lawyers, real estate companies: they are the ones getting richer.

So if you want to tidy some mess that is going on with your property or you just want a fresh way of doing it then give us a call

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We Buy Houses Now

We Buy Houses FAST for cash
homes, flats, apartments, lifestyle blocks, sleepouts, caravans, rental properties, holiday homes, sheds, land, large houses, small houses, anything with 4 walls and a roof, anywhere in New Zealand from $50,000 through to $5 million

Confidentiality assured.

An offer on the table within 1 hour.

We Buy Houses Now works with every seller, from the most desperate to the non-desperate, from home owners, investors, developers, traders. We will handle every part of the transaction, even negotiating debt with a lender, if needed.

Do you need to sell

or just want to sell,
today, tomorrow, next week, next month?

Are you on the market with an agent?

Had no offers, agent not doing a good job, offers too low, thinking of changing agent?

No Agent Fees.

Why pay agent fees and marketing costs when you can deal direct with the buyer.

You may be in one of the following situations:

  • you may have an unconditional offer on another property
  • you may be relocating to another town, city or country
  • you may be splitting up from your partner or spouse
  • you may have a vacant house
  • been made redundant
  • lost your employment
  • mortgage arrears and default, bank applying pressure
  • receiving legal letters from the banks lawyers
  • finance companies and debt collectors pressuring you
  • under financial pressure
  • arrears and default on your loans, credit card, car payments, rates, insurance
  • you may be a reluctant landlord and the tenants aren't paying, or done a runner, or damaged the house
  • you may have a run-down proeprty which needs a lot of work or just some work
  • maybe someone has died and you need to sell the house
  • you may want to sell your house to buy another one
  • you may have more debt on the house than the house is worth
  • you may have exhausted all your possibilities for finding a solution and just need someone to talk to about how to get out from under the weight

We Buy Houses Now buys houses in:
  • any part of New Zealand
  • any town, suburb, city, province
  • at any price ($50,000 to $5 million)
All conversations are 100% confidential.
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